Smart contract authoring and document

generation with built in communication

It all starts with your document(s) and our intuitive template and clause automation add-in for Word.

Boost sales productivity and increase lead generation up to 1000%

Use Cases

Automatically integrate your CRM data with Doc Tiger and Generate SOW on the go! No more copy and pasting data from CRM or having to setup the confusing generated links.

SOP Documents
Perform More Processes Faster Automated workflows are crucial for enforcing compliance. Manual processes slow productivity. Doctiger helps organizations to perform more processes faster and more consistently.

Insurance applications
Next time you're in a fender bender, there's good reason to get Doctiger to work—it could speed up your insurance application processing . Normally, the process is tedious and manual. But with this amazingly smart application, you won't believe the speed at which insurance applications get processed!

Next time you're in a fender bender, there's good reason to get Doctiger to work—it could speed up your insurance If you are generating multiple agreements in a day, or closing more leads is in your target list, can you imagine the time consumed to manually generate the agreements. And all the rework if any contract is to be changed. Well, Doctiger works where you work. Its as simple as integrating your email with this tool, and the revised documents are a click away!

Managing your sales process can be a difficult task unless you have the right tools in place. Just having a good CRM is not enough.., you can manage your leads, contacts, and opportunities but what about the manual time spend of documents? Improve your sales process by adding Doctiger to the mix and automatically generate documents like contracts, invoices, quotes and more. You’ll never have to copy and paste again!

Legal documents
DocTiger eliminates the need for creating a separate questionnaire, document, and metadata program. After a lawyer marks up their template, Contract Express processes the Word file and automatically generates the questionnaire. This streamlined approach results in a couple of key benefits: Automation becomes a quick and painless process. Lawyers trust the generated documents because they are the ones doing the automation. The questionnaire is dynamic, only collecting items relevant to the final document.

Declarations and undertakings
Bring stardisation and automation to your documents and rather than filling manually, generate them in seconds with the customer data merged.

Financial documents

High impact invoices, including export invoices with all terms and conditions

Financial Statements
Merge the current data with the template to create publication ready financial statements

Letter of Credits
Bring in standardisation and legal correctness by having each and every clause chiselled and fine tuned and the rule engine ensuring that nothing is missed accidently

If you are managing a team, it is important for you to get a high level view. Imagine if you could have someone only to fill in PPTs and just give you a consolidated summary of what's going on, at least once a week. Doctiger’s seamless integration and scheduling capability lets you receive your templatised PPTs, mailed to you or your team. This brings in a lot of standardisation and the need of manual data aggregation and presentation is eliminated.

Excel Worksheets and MIS
Imagine if you could have system fill in excels and and just give you a MIS After all, its not always convenient to collate data from multiple systems emails and various other places! Well, Doctiger collates data from multiple systems and create the MIS you need. The worksheets could have pivots and week on week you could be analyzing with fresh data.









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