Factory grade templates : High quality, minimum risk.

Standard template based

We use our templates for quick development testing and deployment of enhancement packs to Doctiger platform making our services much faster and factory tested


The templatized approach ensures and automated test and development environments reduce the services effort by 50% added to that is our unique off shore delivery model which ensures that projects are executed at a fraction of the otherwise cost.

High quality

Thew factory environment enables access to best of tools and knowledge bases as well as the automated testing rigs, this ensures that all our services meet the highest standard of quality.

Doctiger for Consulting in 30 Seconds

Industry and function templates

Our primary goal is to minimize custom development and we have access to a large number of industry templates which can be used with minor complications


Geographical cost advantage

Our services are delivered from our India offices and are usually charged at a blended USD 35 per hour, which is a fraction of what other companies charge


Effort reduction due to standardization

Doctiger uses agile project managment with a very visual design approach for online collaboration to minimize rework and give the client complete visibility.


Deep product knowledge and professional team

We have access to designer and architect of Doctiger platform wherever needed and also road map for doctiger , which we use extensively to deliver our solutions faster .


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USA Ph. No. : +1 315 636 3128
UK Ph. No. : +44 2380971006

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