Real time configurable price quotations online & on mail

Enterprise grade integrated with trackable Email & webservice.

Enterprise grade integration with RESTFUL service & integration wth Gmail , outlook & others. Data can be entered through manual form, excel, webservice or heroku & emails or webservice can be triggered online

Simple user friendly UI to configure pricing rules

Extremely business friendly user interface to configure rules as well as data massaging components.


Hundreds of rules can be set-up on dozens of engines with massaging of both input and output data

Doctiger CPQ in 40 Seconds

Simple yet powerful rule base price configuration

Price configuration using multiple business rule engines & data massaging before and after


Automated mailing of quotes and online visibility through API

Quotes are mailed to the requested mail ID at a click and online quotes can be viewed at the web page with data input through a slider or form


Guided product selling- Integrable with with your CRM

When Doctiger CPQ is integrated with your CRM the prices are automatically calculated based n the volumes and other criteria and approvals can be minimized or avoided


Enterprise class

Multiple datasources such as Excel, a manual form or webservice are supported. Webservices can be configured on Doctiger through a simple form and to and from data can be scheduled and pushed


Trackable mails , Quotes & E-signature

Tracking can be enabled through a simple check box and can be mailed through quote for open. The quote can be E-signed using Global sign E-signature integrated with Doctiger


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