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User Friendly tool that transforms the efficiency of your workforce, hence saving time. Doctiger provides multitude of resources to ease the user onboarding to the tool. Get started with pre created Template gallery today

Compliant legally valid signature

integrated with global sign & actual execution of signing is done through them , integrated seamlessly with our system whether doctiger templates are used or standalone documents are eSigned

Enterprise Class

when integrated with Doctiger a single selection box initiates the eSignature process, data can be provided on templates, web service or uploaded manually. when two factor authentication is selected the second factor data is taken at the time of document generation.

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Are Electronic Signatures legally valid?

Yes, The European commission specifies different level of assurance. The e-signatures are taken from the email id without any further verification from the signees, the qualified signatures which is higher risk requires the signee or the organization . Doctiger is integrated with Global Sign and the actual signature is executed by them


How do E-signatures work?

Doctiger is seamlessly with Global sign e-signature, the signature can be initiated with the check box of E-signature on template or uploading it through the UI. in the template option the placeholder of e-signature is specified in the template itself, otherwise the data on who need to sign where is given later. Once submitted a encrypted mail from Global sign is sent to all the Signatories token using which the signatories can sign


Do i have to sign manually or upload my signature image?

You can do either and the validity of the signature is ensured by singe use token sent by Global Sign in the encrypted mail which can be opened only by the addressed Email id or its forwardee. The document after e-signature is sealed electronically and cannot be modified afterwards.


Doctiger templates can i upload the data through the data sources?

Yes but if you have selected two-factor authentication the second factor numbers are taken at the time of generating the document and as soon as it is generated the signing process is started by Global sign. Once the documents are signed by all the signatories the emails are sent to all the


E-signature, through API.

Doctiegr exposes APIs for uploading the contract and other data which can execute the E-signature process for multiple documents however wherever two-factor authentication is selected it will be taken from each signatory separately unless we agree on a process of a random number generation for second factor


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