Standardized Report cards & other Documents across all your Institutes


Smart report templates and comment selection based on data and predefined rules


Simple to learn and ready to use , just log in and start generating the Smart Reports


Secure team spaces with roles and authorization.

Doctiger Education in
40 Seconds

Smart report cards

The next gen. parents as well as students don’t want to see a data dump but an intuitive smart reports which can give them insights into the performance and action item, Doctiger combines ease of use to smart data driven reports with charts to provide a quick insight


Personalized mail from excel file

Doctiger enables configuration of flexible and personalized mail templates in which the data of individual students can be added through excel files triggering emails with or without attachments, sending hundreds of personalized mails with individual mails is as simple as uploading an excel file.


Data driven variable smart comments

Doctiger Standardizes based on the data and the rules , hundreds and thousand of rules can be endured through constant updates across the multiple branch of institutions including the comments that are to be added in different language


Get E-signature in minutes

Often the communication of performance report cards and other information needs to be signed by the guardians , get a signature on the report cards in minutes rather than days through our e-signature integrated with global sign ( which provide e signatures.


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