Changing the Game in Legal Contract & Doc Generation


Simple to learn and ready to use , just log in and start generating the most complex contracts at a click .


Dynamic templates and clause selection based on data and predefined rules.


Secure team spaces with roles and authorization , enable online collaboration.

Doctiger for legal in 40 Seconds

Data driven smart contract generation with variable templates

Configure business rules about which templates & clauses to be used for different input data parameters such as native language , country of a region , type of contracts , etc. The doctiger smart contract handles all this and you are always creating the perfect contract eliminating the need for manual checking and approval


Clause inter-referencing

When the clauses are dynamic inter referencing becomes a challenge , such as “refer to para 4(ii)” becomes difficult as the para number may change as er input data. Doctiger smart contracts handles this and always pints to the correct para whatever the number it may assume in that particular contract.


Mail and document tracking

A single checkbox click enables the tracking of opening location which is visible on the Dashboard, similarly all mails sent through Doctiger (integrated with you Gmail , outlook or other mails ) are tracked for open and are visible on the Dashboard.



Doctiger is integrated with Global sign (the leading ) through a single click on the checkbox the e-signature is enabled and the system automatically ask for mail 2-factor authentication not entered in the data source. Contracts not generated through Doctiger can also be E-signed through our API.


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