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Enterprise Class

Integration with SFDC , Heroku & configurable API based integrator to send data for mails & also fetch the ‘Open Status’ and location.


Mails can be generated through a dashboard with data input through CSV file, form or webservice. Very simple to operate. Integrated to Gmail, Outlook & other mail through OAuth.


Our secure & rule based Content Management System is integrated with Mergetel & team members can view the generated & sent in their respective team spaces.

Doctiger in 30 Seconds

Template library with Team space control.

Secured team space to store and collaborate with the team on clauses and templates and configure approval workflows, always the latest versions used


Supports multiple Datasources

The data field in the templates can be populated from a manual form, excel file, Heroko, SFDC or through external Webservice. The mail can be triggered from the dashboard and Webservice.


Enterprise class integration

Restful Webservice can be configured through a form and scheduler is also provided which can consume external Webservices to get the data as per schedule , all the Webservices are secured through a key string. Mergetel can be easily integrated to your favorite CRM or ERP and can send personalized messages and alerts


Mail tracking

All mails are automatically tracakble for open giving the location from where they are opened.


Integrated with Outlook , Gmail & other

You can integrate outlook, Gmail or any other mails which supports OAuth , the excess token is stored in Doctiger using which it can send emails from your email id.


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