Changing the Game in Real Estate Contract, Document generation and Click for Quote .


User Friendly tool that transforms the efficiency of your workforce, hence saving time. Doctiger provides multitude of resources to ease the user onboarding to the tool. Get started with pre created Template gallery today


Dynamic data driven rule based templates & clauses, ensure even complex documents generated automatically with precision & slash the approval time. External integration  & approval workflows are built in.

State of the art Features

With more than 19 Features, Doctiger is one of the most advanced tools globally. With Doctiger, users can create, send, track, sign & store from simple to the most complex contracts & Documents. Reduces time , cost & human effort to a small fraction.

Doctiger for Real Estate in 40 Seconds

Advanced data driven smart contracts

Configure business rules about which templates & clauses to be used for different input data parameters such as native language , country of a region , type of contracts , etc. The Doctiger smart contract handles all this and you are always creating the perfect contract eliminating the need for manual checking and approval


Personalized data driven mails

Configuring personalized e-mails alerts with or without attachment was never so easy, zero technical or coding skill required to configure personalized mail alerts , all mails are trackable for open and open location on the Dashboard.Can be Easily integrated to your favorite CRM and mailing solution.


Clause library & template library

Secured team space to store and collaborate with the team on clauses and templates and configure approval workflows, always the latest versions used



Doctiger is integrated with Global sign through a single click on the checkbox the e-signature is enabled and the system automatically ask for mail 2-factor authentication not entered in the data source. Contracts not generated through Doctiger can also be E-signed through our API.


Document and mail tracking

A single checkbox click enables the tracking of opening location which is visible on the Dashboard, similarly all mails sent through Doctiger (integrated with you Gmail , outlook or other mails ) are tracked for open and are visible on the Dashboard.


Template Gallery

Just add your logo and start using with/without editing from our Gallery of standard templates including welcome letter, change of contract details , possession letter and many such mails and document templates.


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