Transforming sales with smart contracts, e-sign & configurable quotes.


Rule based configuration of prices & quotes with discounts(CPQ) . Dynamic rule based data driven templates & clauses with inter-referencing of paragraph for instantly generating the most complex contracts & slashing the approval time.


Very user friendly cloud ready platform designed to be setup & used by business users. Easy to use tools to convert docs & contracts to data source mapped templates.

Enterprise Class

With more than 19 Features, Doctiger is one of the most advanced tools globally. With Doctiger, users can integrate with CRM & ERP, create, send, track, store & e-sign contracts & Documents

Doctiger in 30 Seconds

Smart contracts

Configure business rules about which templates & clauses to be used for different input data parameters such as native language , country of a region , type of contracts , etc. The doctiger smart contract handles all this and you are always creating the perfect contract eliminating the need for manual checking and approval


Configure price quotes & dynamic shopping cart

Configure prices for all scenarios such as volumes , payment plans , etc and quote at a click. The faster you quote the more you are likely to sell. Even the most complex prices are configurable in minutes.


Smart personalized brochures

Your leads need a personalized brochure & specific brochure not very generic one , our smart brochures enables your team to generate the personalized brochure or sales material using our data driven dynamic template which dynamically varies the comments, templates based on the data including multilingual.



Doctiger is integrated with Global sign (the leading ) through a single click on the checkbox the e-signature is enabled and the system automatically ask for mail 2-factor authentication not entered in the data source. Contracts not generated through Doctiger can also be E-signed through our API.


Integrated mailing & tracking

A single checkbox click enables the tracking of opening location which is visible on the Dashboard, similarly all mails sent through Doctiger (integrated with you Gmail , outlook or other mails ) are tracked for open and are visible on the Dashboard.


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