Changing the Game in Document & Mail Tracking


Doctiger tracking seamlessly integrates with Gmail , Outlook & other mails using OAuth . With native integration to Doctiger, all mails & attachment can be easily tracked online.


Tracking a document or a template require the tracking checkbox to be selected in the template , all the document generated with template & mailed will automatically be tracked with the precise coordinates.

Enterprise Class

API & U.I are available to track documents not generated within Doctiger through a trackable link which will give the precise location whenever the document is downloaded through the link .

Doctiger Tracking in 40 Seconds

Track sales Email

If the tracking checkbox is selected on template,a track able link is generated and every time the Document is downloaded the location is tracked and the is visible in the dashboard. All Emails are tracked by default and visible on the same dashboard.


Number of views for documents

Every time the document is downloaded or the mail is opened the IP address address and hence the location is recorded and updated in the dashboard.


Enterprise class integration

An API is exposed to upload the documents to be tracked and download a link for the document to be downloaded .The document can be uploaded through the API.


E-Mail integration

The seamless integration to Google , outlook and other which support OAuth that may seamlessly integrate and the link can be automatically attached to mail and sent or downloaded and sent or mail separately through API , the link can be attached and sent.


Document expiry and view alerts

User can sent maximum number of days after which the link is inactive, similarly users can select the view alerts on downloading of Document.


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