Online Sales Quotations

Configure prices for all scenarios such as volumes , payment plans , etc and quote at a click. The faster you quote the more you are likely to sell. Even the most complex prices are configurable in minutes . Slash Quote-cash cycle by 30%


Multiple rule engines for complex price configuration

Doctiger CPQ has a full suite of multiple rule engines each configurable with complex rules , there is input data transformation through excel where formula where additional parameters can be added . The output builder is used in consolidating the rule of all the engines and again applying formula for creating new fields. All types of logical operators such as ‘AND’, ‘OR’ , ‘NOR’, ‘NAND’, etc are available and the most complex algorithm can be executed in a fraction of second.

Excel based input and output transformation

Excel basd data transfer are used to transform the input, apply some complex formulas supported by Excel , create new parameters , etc. Every rule engine can have a separate or common transformation and similarly the output is transformed through excel.

Template gallery for quotations

Hundreds of Contracts and Document to Select from.Just Upload your logo; add Signatures, Document Tracking, and with help of other advanced Doctiger Functionalities Generate Documents in seconds.

Integrated with Gmail, Outlook & other mails

Doctiger supports OAuth which enables you to integrate your favorite mail solution to send the quote when the quote is triggered from the website or manually with the input data.

Enterprise class integration

Restful Webservice can be configured through a form and scheduler is also provided which can consume external Webservices to get the data as per schedule , all the Webservices are secured through a key string. CPQ can be easily integrated to your favorite CRM or ERP and can send personalized messages and alerts.

Attachment and mail tracking with open location

Document Tracking becomes easy with Doctigers built in Tracking user interface which shows all the details about the document like,delivery status,number of views, last viewed by and much more.

Integrated Content Management system

All the quotes requested and given are securely stored in the Full featured and secured content management system that supports search , version management , secured access and many other features.

Team space collaboration

Our secure & rule based Content Management System is integrated with CPQ & team members can view the generated & sent in their respective team spaces.

Quote and mail template library

Create Templates from your existing documents with the advanced template editor Or Select from thousands of ready templates in the template gallery.


Adding E-signature to the multiple documents you generate becomes fast and easy with Doctigers tool box in the built in template editor by just choosing and adding it to your template.

Smart data driven Template selection

Doctiger CPQ supports advanced data driven rule based template selection which essentially means apart from smart quotation the templates are also smart for example say the value of native language is German the CPQ has to select English/ German then automatically the correct template will be selected . Similarly for a combination of hundred of parameters.

Tools to convert an existing quotation to a reusable template

Formatted word quotation can be ulaoded and our smart UI the mapping with the data fields can be done , if required this mapped document can be downloaded as word and any level of artistic formatting can be done, that will be retained when the quotes are generated.

Live Pricing API

Doctiger CPQ can expose a RESTFUL API which will give live rices when the data is sent from the web page, the generated document would match the live data as the same rules would be used.

Use it. Reuse it.


Pre-Made Templates

Instead of starting from scratch, use our pre-designed templates to jumpstart your design process or get inspired.


You can import it for use in creating your document.

Pre-Made Templates

Instead of starting from scratch, use our pre-designed templates to jumpstart your design process or get inspired.

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