Transform Document Generation


Template Gallery

Hundreds of Contracts and Document to Select from.Just Upload your logo; add Signatures, Document Tracking, and with help of other advanced Doctiger Functionalities Generate Documents in seconds.

Template Library

Create Templates from your existing documents with the advanced template editor Or Select from thousands of ready templates in the template gallery.

Document Approval Process

Streamlining Approval Process is an essential step toward having a smooth Document Automation.With Doctiger, Admin can trigger approvals for Clauses, Templates and E-mails in very few steps.


Doctiger Team Workspaces offers a collaborative environment; facilitating document creation, tracking, Storage and Security Insights.

Document Management System

DocuDrive lets you store, manage, track and organize generated Documents.A log of generated documents is maintained and Documents can be easily organized into particular folders.

Automatic Mail Alerts

These Smart real time alerts which are triggered as soon as the Document is generated.Alerts can be scheduled as one time or even as recurring alerts.

Document Scheduling

One of the Advanced Doctiger features is that Users can setup pre-scheduled Document Generation Jobs.These Jobs could be one time or occur in a recurring manner.

Document Tracking

Document Tracking becomes easy with Doctigers built in Tracking user interface which shows all the details about the document like,delivery status,number of views, last viewed by and much more.

E-mail Template

With Doctiger you can set template for E-mails in few steps and send the attached document which were generated with Doctiger, with added convenience of everything being at the same place.

Mail Configuration

No need to configure your mail id every-time you send a mail. In Doctiger you just have to configure your mail once and you are ready to get mailing.

Dynamic Template

Dynamic Templates vary according to the rules set in the Doctiger menu, the templates will change automatically with the rule selected.


Adding E-signature to the multiple documents you generate becomes fast and easy with Doctigers tool box in the built in template editor by just choosing and adding it to your template.

Web Services

Enterprise grade integration to RESTFUL Web services with external sources the integration module is considerable to the firm and support push & pull and also integrated with a scheduler.

Use it. Reuse it.


Pre-Made Templates

Instead of starting from scratch, use our pre-designed templates to jumpstart your design process or get inspired.


You can import it for use in creating your document.

Pre-Made Templates

Instead of starting from scratch, use our pre-designed templates to jumpstart your design process or get inspired.

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