Author, Generate, Manage the documents the smart way

With Doctiger, Documents the efficiency of your organisation creating and managing the documents get transformed radically.

Smart Documents for Smart Companies

Smart & Affordable Document Generation

Doctiger creates high impact documents at a click. The entire life cycle of template authoring, approval work flows, document Generation , Esign , storage & secured collaboration is integrated.

Offer letter Generation

Smart or simple offer letters generated at a click

Hiring Contract Generation

Merge Data with pre authored template to create error free Hiring Contracts

Sales Proposal

Your team members can use pre authored and formatted templates to add data and generate high impact sales promotions with consistent corporate branding

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Simple Non-Disclosure Agreements need a data merge and Esign. Doctiger platform provides these features and more.

Possession Letter

Possession letter and other similar documents can be generated within or outside you CRM at a click and can be Generated and mailed automatically as well

Lease Agreement

Generate & store Lease Agreements in minutes on Doctiger platform.

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