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Use Cases for Doctiger- Legal

Sales Purchase Agreement

Sales purchase agreement geneartion at a click with data upload through excel, wihtin SFDC or in bulk through a web service, Doctiger supports it all. Functions like “Amount in words” or Sum etc supported.

Rental Agreement

All you need to enter in the manual form is the details of the Lesser and Lessee and agreements generated at a click.

Lease agreement

All types of lease agreement arre generated at a click and with Smart Contracts the applicable template and the applicaple clauses are selected automatically.

Limited liability Company

The powerful template authoring enables authoring of the company formation related documents and with the specific data supplied it only takes a click to generate the document set.

Multi lingual contracts

Many Countries require the contracts and documents to be in a base language such as english . the local language could be amongst dozens of local languages such as Mandarin ,Arabic, Russian. With doctiger you can generate distortion free multilingual contracts

Contact Library

your contact data that is used in agreements and contracts is securely stored in the system.

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