Make Your Paperwork 'Smart' with Doctiger

With Doctiger, you can upload, merge, and deliver smart documents in a snap.

Your Quote to Cash cycle slashed by 30%

Smart & Affordable Document Generation

Doctiger using its Smart Technology allows you to select from thousands of pre built templates, or gives an option to create your own templates with Smart Editor. Build, Store, Track and Sign performant, and scalable documents that transform your productivity .

Sales Deed

You can author and store multiple templates of sales deeds and generate at a click. System intelligent to select the correct template.

Sales Purchase Agreement

Different property types and projects require different templates , Clause and master data. Doctiger amart contracts applies the correct clauses and templates and generates SPAs at a click.

Lease agreement

Just enter The details of lesser and lessees and leave the agreement generation to Doctiger that will use your pre made templates and clauses and generate the correct document.

Rental agreement

Multiple Templates and clauses can be stored in template library and clause library respectively and can be selected manually or automatically using Smart contracts

Possession letter

Generate possesion letters from your CRM automatically.

Welcome Letter

The entire welcome kit can be generated at a click of a button which may lie within or outside your CRM

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