Smart Documents for Smart Sales

With Doctiger platform rule engines , document geneartion, e-sign, mails and tracking ,storage are all integrated simplify the documentation.

Turbo charge your Sales with Doctiger

Smart & Trackable Document Generation

With Doctiger Smart Technology, all the user needs to do is click (or upload the data if un integrated) and the system generates documents with high precision using pre authored templates or rules.

Online Sales Quotations

Generate Automatic sales Quotation software on Doctiger platforms generates quotes at a click with the help of a series of rule engines and algorithms which are very simple to set up. The real time quotes slash the quote-cash by 30%.

Sale Purchase Agreement

Generate Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) within or outside the CRM. Template creation with existing contracts is simple and multi lingual contracts are supported.

Sales Proposals

The sales cycle involves multiple proposals and documents which can be easily generated by using pre authored templates ensuring consistant corporate branding.


When the documents require Esign the Doctiger platform is integrated with Global Sign and legally valid esignatures can be automatically initiated.

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